Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Conversations. Conversations. 'A Cambridge Art Space (to be continued).'

'Really, it's a need for a space where dialogue with communities' 'but with critically acclaimed art' 'can take place without the pressure to sell art. A place where artists can provoke questions ---' 'and reach out to excluded people ---' 'and doesn't exclude local artists or people, simply having an international dialogue with Amsterdam or New York or London that pushes out local artists who aren't 'names' on that international circuit ---' 'a process which can turn artists into being international commodities, in a way --' '--but is still critically acclaimed on an international level: inclusivity doesn't have to mean a dilution of quality--' 'that isn't clinical, self conscious, and over-intellectualised' '---yet still intellectual --' 'where the pressure to sell art isn't the primary function of the space ---' 'but it's still OK to do that, where artists can be paid ---' 'with classes, a cafe, and ---' 'a space for the 600 or so artists in Cambridge that have barely anywhere to show their work ---' 'for the community, that isn't elitist and breaks down the pretensions of art' 'what about? We could --' 'Or do that --' 'We should be writing this down ---'

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