Monday, 11 January 2010

Gift No. 2 'Be Here Now', Jennifer Waescher, musician/artist/writer/actor

Jennifer Waescher is Canadian born, but lives in Seoul, Korea.

'I hope you enjoy my rough recordings, for what they're worth. I enjoyed making them. I have been calling myself an artist for so long, I sometimes forget what it means. But underneath it all, I feel it's my truth - the truth to live life blissfully, expressing the joy of creation in every act of actually doing the art. To play. I have been an actor, a writer and a musician. A traveler, a wanderer, a yogi. I live my life as best I can, in the moment, making art because the moment moves me, the song finds me, the poem writes me.'

Love is enough. Presence is enough. Presence is all we have and all that we are. So let’s just experience the presence and let ourselves have it.--- Bhagavan Das

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  1. What does bliss mean to you? How are you following your bliss? If you aren't, why not?