Monday, 18 January 2010

Gift no 4. Tessa Souter: 'Give our LOVE to the audience!'

Tessa Souter is author of 'Anything I Can Do YOU Can Do Better', and is a writer and jazz singer from the UK but based in New York. Read the full interview with Tessa Souter on The Hip Girl's Guide to Being an Entrepreneur. Her gift to you on Creative Resistance is this valuable insight:

I think perseverance is gigantic. In my book I mention Vincent Van Gogh and say imagine meeting him at a party, mid career. 'You are sharing a studio with an accountant turned painter called Paul. Your BROTHER buys your work!?" Sadly for him he never 'made it' in his life. But luckily for US, it didn't stop him from trying. Don't ever do it for money or fame because you might not get that. You have to love it for itself. Use it to gain insight into yourself and/or others. And also to think of it as a gift you are GIVING to others. Your job is not to be a big old clever clogs and IMPRESS anybody. Your job is to entertain people/be cathartic/empathize/tell the story of the song/yourself/people in the audience whose stories you can sometimes feel by their reaction to certain songs or words. My old teacher Mark Murphy completely cured me of stage fright by pointing that out to me one day. He says, our job is to give our Love to the audience. When you think of it like that you can't be nervous. Also to have people believe in you so you don't give in (related to perseverance). And to be grateful to those people for that inspiration. I think to remember it's not about "you" is huge!

What motivates you to work? Is it money, fame or love? What gifts do you receive from others? What shift do you notice when you stop thinking about "you" and view your practice as a 'gift' for others?

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